[ 4 May 2015 ]
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Post by Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
Segmenting your target audience into groups of people with similar characteristics is the key to getting to know what makes them tick so you can create relevant messages that speak to their specific challenges and goals. According to global business consulting firm Bluewolf, email marketers that do list segmentation see 28 percent lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates and 39 percent better open rates. Plus, research shows relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast.

There's no single right way of segmenting. Your best method, says Bluewolf, depends on your particular business, unique sales cycles and marketing goals.

While there are two overarching ways to segment your list based on who they are demographics and what they do behavior, here are five more specific approaches:

  • Specific products or services - Your email analytics are full of valuable insights. Is there a specific segment that consistently clicks on or downloads information about mobility or storage (for instance)?
  • Demographics - Grouping segments by personal data like age, gender, geography, job function and industry helps you customize content so it matches their unique interests.
  • Roles/Titles - Create different content that focuses on each role's specific concerns and priorities.
  • Purchase history -Loyal customers require a different message than those that buy once, occasionally,haven't bought in a year or have never purchased from you.
  • Funnel position -Meet recipients where they are. Prospects at the top of your sales funnel are still getting to know you and look for different content than folks who are ready to buy.

Marketo uses topic and behavioral targeting to identify which email track best fits prospects i.e, is their primary interest email marketing, social media or automation? The result is double the click-through rate. Try this out for yourself and learn more about how you should segment your email lists by contacting the resellerCONNECT team today.

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Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
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