[ 8 June 2015 ]
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Post by Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
Navigating the complicated and rapidly changing IT channel is no easy task, so leveraging a value proposition that showcases your innovative knowledge and comprehensive IT services is pivotal. So how do you know when you’ve hit the jackpot? Effective value propositions share these three characteristics:


When you focus on everything your business offers, you say nothing. Your mission is to find out which benefit is most valuable to your customers. Build your value proposition on points of difference—but always keep your target prospect in mind. Some will be more important than others and some will only be important to certain customer segments.


Your value proposition must deliver quantifiable outcomes that give buyers good reason to act now. Promoting things like good customer service falls flat. Who doesn’t claim that? To truly drive preference, you need to communicate strategic benefits—like doubling storage capacity without adding cost or migrating users in half the time.

In fact, Marketing Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board research found that benefits that showed customers how to do something better than how they do it today were proven to be four times more powerful predictors of preference.1


Buyers want to minimize risk and look for evidence to support your claims. One way to build instant credibility is to cite statistics that tell prospects specifically how much you’ll improve their situation. Rather than just say you help them save money—if you’ve saved customers $525,000 a year on average, say so. Instead of saying you help them speed up deployment, tell them they’ll reduce the time to deploy from one week to two hours. Real numbers makes it believable and compelling.

Show end users the value you provide their business and develop a value prop that drives pipeline revenue in no time.

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Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
Tracy Blalock is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience including sales, marketing and business development.
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