[ 13 July 2015 ]
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Post by Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
If we'd been able to grade our own tests in school, we'd have aced every one and graduated valedictorian. But who'd hire you with that subjective track record? Being graded by an objective third party puts a whole different spin and level of credibility on your credentials. That's why 78 percent of Americans aged 18 to 64 agree that online reviews help them decide whether to buy a product,and why Google business listings with at least three-plus star reviews get 87 percent of the clicks 1.

Testimonials Build Trust

So what does a trustworthy testimonial look like? Here are the key characteristics of testimonials that help prospects buy with confidence2:

  • Tell a story - Take potential customers on a journey of transformation complete with clear before and after details.
  • Be clear - Be sure customers understand what problems your company solves and how.
  • Make it real - Provide specific examples with quantifiable results.
  • Be friendly - Use conversational language, not corporate speak.
  • Cover all the bases - State the facts and stir emotions.
Be Their Guide

Copyblogger's Sean D'Souza suggests the following questions to ensure you get a good response3:

  • What was your situation before you purchased this solution, including your core problems and how they negatively impacted your business?
  • What outcomes were you looking to achieve?
  • What hesitations or concerns did you have about purchasing the solution?
  • What was the No. 1 reason you chose this solution?
  • What results did you realize and, specifically, how did the solution improve your situation?
  • What are the three top benefits of this solution from your perspective?
  • Would you recommend it? If so, why?
  • Anything else you'd like to add?

Every conversation with a customer is a potential opportunity to ask for a testimonial, but certain events just naturally lend themselves to getting feedback. See how you can map the process into key customer touch points, such as welcoming new customers or support conversations. It's not that customers don't want to give you testimonials. They just need some structure. Take these tips to heart, and you'll have better testimonials in no time.

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