[ 5 October 2015 ]
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Post by Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
Today's marketers are learning to reach people in entirely different ways than only a few years ago. But how do you figure out how to develop a comprehensive market strategy that maximizes social marketing opportunities with your email campaigns? Inbound marketing and sales platform Hubspot offered a few ways for email and social media to join forces:

  • Make it easy for email recipients to forward messages, share content, follow you or like your page.
  • Feature social media buttons in email opt-in confirmations so subscribers can also connect with you via social media.
  • Add social media buttons to email unsubscribe pages for people who'd rather stay connected over social networks.
  • Use social media to fine-tune your segmentation by tracking keywords and who your followers follow.

The best part about combining your efforts is that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. resellerCONNECT offers an exclusive portal with a social media offering that helps you deploy posts and leverage social networking to attract more customers. Check out the resellerCONNECT Marketing Portal to learn more and register.

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Tracy Blalock, Senior Copywriter
Tracy Blalock is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience including sales, marketing and business development.
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