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Hear from a few of our clients about how we help turn leads into recurring customers.

The resellerCONNECT team prides itself on delivering exceptional service and qualified leads that optimize your chances for increased ROI and help ease the burden of your marketing and sales team. No matter what your marketing needs, we can help.

As one of the fastest-growing Dell shops in the southeast, Atlantix Global Systems needs to make the most of its resources, especially end-user sales reps. The resellerCONNECT services deliver a great value, provide good, solid leads—and the program can easily pay for itself with just one or two closed deals. In every case, we've increased the potential deal size. One deal went from $2K to more than $15K. Choosing resellerCONNECT was definitely a good call.

Curtis Achwartz
Direct Sales MAnager, Atlantix Global Systems

I've been in the computer and telecommunications industries since 1972 and have more than 45 years of experience. is my tenth business venture. I created and built the website myself. I recently signed up with Tech Data and was excited to read about the TDEngage platform. From a long-term perspective, it has tremendous potential. I look at this as a WIN—WIN situation. It's a WIN for Tech Data, as it allows them to offer a new value-added service to their partners. It's a WIN for their partners in that it helps them solve one of the most difficult problems about running an online website—keeping the site's products up-to-date. It allows partners to focus more time on negotiating deals and making sales rather than keeping their site current. I welcome the opportunity to work with Tech Data and leverage the value of TDEngage.

Vincent Austin
President, CEO,
In every case, we've increased the potential deal size. One deal went from $2K to more than $15K. Choosing resellerCONNECT was definitely a good call.
Curtis Schwartz
Direct Sales Manager, Atlantix Global Systems

Over the past 15 years, RTM has used many methods to generate leads. Unfortunately, the lead quality was so poor that we'd come to expect to waste our time on 75 percent of the 'qualified leads'. We just chalked it up to the cost of doing business with outside telemarketers. That all changed when Tech Data's Brocade team sponsored a resellerCONNECT campaign designed to increase penetration in Northern New England—a market with historically poor performance.

More than 75 percent of the leads RTM Communications has [as a result of the campaign] received involve actual live projects, identify the right people and our calls have been sincerely welcomed by the potential clients. What I value most in this campaign is the solid feedback and communication. The resellerCONNECT team worked closely with us at every stage of the process—from set up and execution to the continual check in and wrap up. The results clearly confirm that their process works.

Raymond Benoit
President, RTM Communications

Most of TekScape's leads have traditionally come from vendors, distributors and referrals. Unfortunately, the vast majority turn out to be tire kickers. The lack of lead accuracy, relevance and urgency was negatively impacting the motivation and excitement level of our sales team, not to mention ROI. We were about to give up on telemarketing as a way to generate solid leads, but in support of our product launch for ARIA, our new full-featured hosted voice platform, we decided to give resellerCONNECT's telemarketing services a try. The resellerCONNECT team's understanding of our target technologies and what constitutes a true lead has made a significant difference. One of the first nine leads we received resulted in a sale. The motivation and interest was there, plus the technology and platform was 100 percent on target with our services. Our new customer was so anxious to get started that we did an initial run for three locations on a temporary platform. Their existing 100 handsets were compatible with ARIA, so we added eight videophones to incorporate video conferencing, and seamlessly integrated the solution with chat, email and other critical platforms. We went live with $3,200 per month in recurring income, plus some one-time hardware purchases. We expect additional revenue from remote and new sites. We're planning our next campaign as we speak and can't wait to see the results.

Amanda Fanoun
Marketing Coordinator, Tekscape
Tech Data is my main distributor for many reasons. Ease of ordering, competitive prices, partner training and more, make them a true pleasure to work with. Additional benefits such as the TDLoyalty program enhance the relationship even more - we couldn't be more pleased with the service provided!
Mike Farlow
President, ComTech Network Solutions
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