[ Convert Prospects With Our ]
We specialize in providing technology resellers with highly qualified sales leads. In other words, we leverage our state-of-the-art tools and processes to connect you with decision makers ready to buy the solutions you’re looking to sell them. We’ll even work alongside you to help your sales team turn a lead into a loyal customer. Peruse the information on this site to see how we help you convert prospects and grow customer loyalty.
[ Lead Qualification ]
The resellerCONNECT team leverages an exclusive database that pulls from a combination of sources that together identify prospect personas and create the greatest potential for qualified leads. These leads are filtered through five important criteria—budget, authority, need, time frame and partner. This methodology ensures prospects have a confirmed budget in place, the identified contact has decision-making authority, there’s a clear need for the solution, a time frame is established, and they are not already working with another partner. In fact, if these criteria can’t be verified during quality assurance, the lead is thrown out.
[ Lead Nurturing ]
Our team doesn’t stop once the lead is delivered. Lead nurturing is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We work alongside you at every step of the buyer’s journey to ensure you drive increased pipeline revenue and gain customers for life. We communicate consistently with buyers throughout the sales cycle—addressing the gap in time between first contact and purchase. We even offer lead scoring by vertical for long-term measurements, so you’re sure to target the right end users.
[ Marketing Development Funds ]
You appreciate and need your MDF from vendor partners, but finding the right way to use them is an uphill battle. More often than not you don’t even get a chance to claim these dollars, let alone use them to their full advantage. That’s where we come in. We make sure your MDF are put to good use and deliver measurable results by keeping you informed of available MDF, helping you claim these funds, and then creating a performance-driven strategy that’s tracked every step of the way. Consolidated ROI reports keep you up-to-date on what’s happening and how campaigns are performing.
[ Lead Generation Campaigns ]
resellerCONNECT’s finely tuned lead generation machine leverages direct mail, email, event registration and appointment-setting services to keep your sales team closing. Focused on providing you an end-to-end experience, our creative and marketing-savvy copywriters, e-Marketing gurus and project specialists put together impactful campaigns that pull end users in and drive them to your business. We’ll work with our vendor partners to determine the right message and showcase the value you provide IT end users. Frequent and detailed reports keep you abreast of our progress every step of the way.
[ 6 Steps To ]
Capitalize on your BANT-P lead from resellerCONNECT. These leads combine all the qualities to make sure you’re getting leads ready to buy, so you want to act fast.
Reach out to your new lead until you get in touch with them. This can take five to 12 follow-ups before a transaction actually occurs—so don’t give up too soon.
Work with the end user to figure out their exact needs and evaluate their current systems. Be sure to research everything you can to become an expert on the customer.
4.Educate and Inform
Present solution(s) while educating on the need to upgrade and refresh their systems. Don’t forget to ensure all the requirements and budgets are met, too.
Work with your Tech Data account manager to find new products, solutions and promotions to leverage.
Victory is achieved! Stay in communication, discuss future opportunities and invite them to your office. Relationships are stronger when you’ve met your customer in person.
Contact us today for a consultation about your needs and how we can help provide you with sales- and marketing-qualified leads to boost your business.