[ April 4, 2017 ]
The Value of a Webinar
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter

People, in general, are visual learners and crave interactive content. One way of providing visual, interactive content is through webinars, which allows businesses to connect and engage with their customers.

Webinars have been established as an effective marketing tactic for generating leads. According to a 2014 survey, two-thirds of U.S. B2B marketers found webinars to be more effective than any other content marketing format except for videos.1 And in a 2016 survey, B2Bs found that their webinars generated lead counts that exceed their expectations, while also being a cost-effective way to engage their customers.2

Here are a few reasons why webinars are a great lead generation tool:

  • Establishes brand trust and authority - hosting a webinar will position you as an expert, an expert that your customers can interact with
  • Helps determine quality leads - a person who registers for a webinar is someone who is truly engaged and genuinely interested
  • Supplements content marketing - elements from the webinar can be broken down and recycled into more content3
  • Reaches new audiences - helps people who are interested in a specific topic get to know your business4
And to help you maximize the effectiveness of webinars, here are three tips you can use:
  1. During the registration phase, make sure to personalize the email content for individual registrants. It's more effective to speak to them with clear, personal information, rather then generalized content. (i.e. Your webinar starts at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow vs. The webinar will begin at 12:00 p.m. PST/3:00 p.m. EST)
  2. Before the webinar, provide teaser content within the reminders, along with a call-to-action to start engaging with your customer/viewer. Also, try marketing the individual speaker(s) for the webinar. Some viewers can be attracted to the personalities of certain speakers more so than the topic.
  3. After the webinar, have an email set to automatically provide all registrants with a link to the recording, just in case they missed some of the webinar.5

Overall, webinars are convenient, cost-effective, and allow you to market your content in real-time to a large-scale audience. It's easy to see why webinars are a key asset to integrate into your content marketing strategy.

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Stay tuned for next month's post where we'll talk about informational documents such as whitepapers and "how to" guides.


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