[ September 5, 2017 ]
Quality Over Quantity
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter

To get quality leads over a large quantity of cold, unsuccessful leads, it’s important to alter your thinking from “lead generation machine” to “engagement architect.” The future of B2B marketing lies within the customer-obsessed organization and getting to know your customers, and tailoring your marketing around them.1

So how do you upgrade yourself to an engagement architect? It starts by reaching the right people, nurturing your leads, and reacting with insight to changes in your customers’ behavior.2

Reach the Right People

Offering a personalized approach to your potential customers ensures a higher relevancy and a higher chance for success. Take the time to identify your target group and really get to know that target.3 This is where account-based marketing makes a difference. In account-based marketing you aim your sights at very specific target groups rather than the whole spectrum of buyers. It helps you to understand what tools to use, such as events and social media, and when to effectively use them to increase the chances for successful B2B leads.2

Always Follow Up

Good follow-up in the sales funnel is essential for successful B2B lead generation. And creating a personalized journey once a prospective buyer has become a lead is smart lead nurturing.3 Stray away from the standard “thank you for your request” email, and send an email that’s catered to what they’re interested in. You can also send automated emails that contain relevant content after the initial follow-up email.2

Leverage Analytics

Analytics help you understand the past and present behavior of your current customers, and can help you predict their future behavior, as well as see trends to guide you in recruiting new leads. One way is to improve your current web analytics environment smarter and more efficient. Then move forward into working with predictive analytics to help you increase the number of quality leads.4

The idea has always been that if you have more leads, you have a higher chance at converting them into customers, but that’s not always the case. While volume can be great, your business isn’t benefiting from your team wasting time chasing duplicate or cold leads. By altering this process to be an engagement architect, where you focus your time on the quality of leads, the chances of converting leads into sales significantly increases.5

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Stay tuned for next month’s post for more exciting ways to generate leads.


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