[ November 10, 2016 ]
What Memes Can Do for Your Business
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter
Memes and marketing – two concepts that don't necessarily seem synonymous, can be utilized as part of a marketing plan to generate buzz and word of mouth. For those that are unsure of what a meme truly is, it's a cultural item in the form of an image, video, or phrase that's spread via the Internet. Since memes are, in most cases, light-hearted and easy to share, they're more likely to go viral. This is especially useful on Facebook, as it helps to improve your page's Edgerank, increasing the organic reach of your posts1. Plus, memes add a certain human element to your business.

One method of generating leads from memes is using them in a social media post—that includes a tiny url, also know as a shortened url for easy readability—to drive traffic to a landing page featuring valuable content and resources such as white papers, case studies, and ebooks, behind a simple short form. And, memes are very adaptable, unlike blogs and white papers, which need to be very audience specific. Memes provide you with the freedom to adjust your humor and information package to suit whoever you want at any time2. Plus, they're ideally free to utilize, with the only cost coming from purchasing creative commons licenses and/or paid reach.


Memes allow for nearly instant lead generation, as it's fairly easy to direct them to a form fill while also being witty. A prime example, Marketo received 40 form completions based on one meme post that featured Christopher Walken6. What's more, is that they are simple to make if you have a member on your team that's proficient in Photoshop, and if not, there's free generators across the web that are simple to use.

It's important to consider your target audience, as not every person will find value in memes. Some may even find them to be subpar. However, your audience might enjoy the laugh it brings them and feel more connected to your brand. It's important to take stock of your business and the audience you want to reach.3

Don't overlook what memes can do for your business, as they do offer value:

  • Depending on how memes are applied, you can benefit from a wider reach for you product, service, or brand.
  • When added to content, memes can help increase the virality potential and increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Memes can set you up for a more extensive organic reach each time you need to send an update by utilizing Facebook Edgerank.
  • They add a human element and character to your posts and increase the connection between you and your audience, as well as your likability.4
  • Not only are memes easy to create, through the use of online generators, they're cost-effective in the overall scheme of developing marketing collateral.5

While memes may not work for every business, it's important to branch out, especially in the world of social media marketing. Plus, adding a bit of humor can be a great way to differentiate your business, and chances are your audience will appreciate the laugh.6

Take a look at how popular brands like Marketo and Virgin Media utilized memes.

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