[ February 3, 2016 ]
Three Reasons Your Lead Gen Efforts Aren't Working
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Post by Theresa Linnert, Copywriter

Lead generation is simple, right? You want leads, so you create a strategy that will help you find contacts, connect with those contacts, and most importantly, build profitable relationships with them. But what happens when your plan doesn't seem to be working? Somewhere along the line, a part of your strategy went awry. Here are some reasons (and what you can do to fix them!) why your lead gen efforts could be failing.

  1. You don't know where your leads are. How are people opening your messages? Desktops? Tablets? Smartphones? It's imperative to understand how your messages are being accessed, as it affects everything from your subject lines to your landing pages. In Q2 of 2015, 68% of emails in 2015 were opened on mobile devices1. The takeaway? It's necessary to realize that the majority your prospective customers will initially come into contact with your email on a smartphone. Be sure everything is responsive and seamlessly translates to mobile…and keep those subject lines short!
  2. You don't nurture your leads.  Did you know businesses that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost2? Building relationships with your leads throughout every stage of the sales process is crucial when it comes to closing sales and keeping the door open for future business opportunities. Lead nurturing is an integral part of any sales and marketing plan. Take the time to build trust, and ensure that you are openly communicating during each step of the sale.
  3. Your leads aren't optimal. Not all leads are created equally, and poor leads result in costly consequences. In fact, it's estimated that companies lose $20,000 annually per sales representative due to poor quality leads3. What makes a bad lead? There are several factors. A lead that has little or no budget will not be able to close sales. Furthermore, a lead that has no decision-making power will not be helpful to your case. Yes, they might be interested in your product or service, but if they don't have the power to make the sale, chances are you will get nowhere. Be sure to utilize lead scoring to ensure quality leads.

Every day counts when it comes to generating and nurturing leads. Send us a message or call us at 800-500-3501 today to discover how we can put effective lead generation campaigns to work for you.  



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