[ November 5, 2017 ]
The Ins and Outs of Lead Scoring
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter

When starting your lead gen journey, generating tons of leads is top of mind. However, once you have a lot of leads, it’s time to narrow it down to the leads who are truly interested in your offerings. As we covered in an earlier blog post—Quality Over Quantity —it’s key to focus on nurturing your leads. But how do you know if a lead is specifically a “quality” lead? That’s where lead scoring comes in.

Lead scoring lets you assign point values to actions—such as opening emails or visiting your website—to help gauge their interest in your business and if they want to purchase your offering.

What can lead scoring include?
  • Email opens and clicks
  • White paper downloads
  • Demo requests
  • Page visits
  • Form fills1
  • Social engagement
  • Webinar registrations
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Watched videos2

These are just a few examples of where you can place point values on actions taken. Be sure to include actions that receive negative points, such as unsubscribing from newsletters and visiting the careers page. This will help you receive a more accurate reading on your potential leads. You wouldn’t want to pursue a lead that’s more interested in working for your business than buying from your business.

Since the ongoing scoring is cumulative, you’ll want to establish a lead threshold, or the point value at which the potential lead becomes sales-ready. Once a lead reaches that pre-set point value (i.e. 70 points), they’ll be flagged as a prospect, and you can focus your lead-nurturing and sales efforts on them.3

Additionally, lead scoring can help you provide relevant, target campaigns to leads when they’re most likely to purchase. Instead of targeting your leads with run-of-the-mill marketing and touch points, you can engage them within days of even minutes of them filling out a form or visiting your offerings page.

For additional guidance on establishing a lead scoring system, contact resellerCONNECT’s team of marketing experts. Send us a message or call us at 800-500-3501.

Stay tuned for next month’s post for more exciting and effective ways to generate leads.


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