[ September 20, 2016 ]
Missed Opportunity: Thank You Pages
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter
Many believe the thank you page is the end to a successful conversation. However, simple thank you pages don't invite customers to explore more of your offerings, nor does it create a relationship between you and them. Don't miss this opportunity to use your thank you page to creatively close deals, establish a positive rapport, keep customers engaged, and entice them to spend more time on your site. Ideally, thank you pages should be a "thanks, and…" page1. Which offers more than a typical thank you for downloading, signing up, or checking out. This approach advances the conversation in a logical and meaningful direction.

Here's a look at different ways to beef up your thank you pages:

For Top of the Funnel conversions (eBook download):

  • Include a customer testimonial about the product/service
  • State that your team can answer any questions
  • A next step offer – "You might also enjoy…"
  • For Middle of the Funnel conversions (newsletter sign up or event registration):
  • Provide multiple points for contact – online and off
  • Offer a free consultation or trial
  • Create a "best of" roundup to let scan
  • Link a downloadable companion resource for events
  • For Bottom of the Funnel conversions (demo request or checkout):
  • Provide a direct contact or state the timeframe they'll receive a response
  • Direct them to your social media to keep up to date with you
  • Show related products, tools, and resources to keep them intrigued in your offerings2"
  • Don't let your customers click away from your thank you page without engaging them first.3 Seize this opportunity to pique their interests with other offerings, free content, and subscriptions. Plus, thank you pages don't need to be alike; you can customize them for any and every connection. This will keep your customers intrigued, but gives you a chance for extra creativity to generate new leads.

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