[ August 8, 2016 ]
Adjusting to the Smart Watch Craze
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter
While smart watches have been around for quite some time, they've quickly become an overnight sensation in recent months. And though it's not a bad thing—your customers' are almost always reachable now—it can be a little difficult to adapt to the quick, real-time nature they provide, especially when it comes to emails.

Visuals are the key to enhancing email marketing campaigns, and although smart watches have yet to catch up, it doesn't mean you have to avoid fun, captivating images. However, its time to re-evaluate your rich text versions of your email marketing, so users can enjoy your messaging regardless of their device.1 Plus, you can take advantage of plain text emails, and use them as an offline sales generator2 (i.e. "Use this code. Give us a call. Stop by the store for a discount").

Of course there'll come a day when HTML and images will be viewable on smart watches, but for now it's just plain text. With even less space to engage your consumer, it's important to keep emails short, sweet, and to the point. Provide an enticing subject line and opening sentence with a clear message, and your reader will most likely reach for their phone to read the mobile optimized version.

Here's a rough idea of the available real estate on the small screens:
  • Apple Watch – Subject: 12-20 characters, Message Body: 25-35 characters
  • Samsung Gear S – Subject: 30-45 characters, Message Body: 55-80 characters
  • Motorola Moto 360 – Subject: 26-40 characters, Message Body: 50-75 characters
  • Pebble Steel – Subject: 12-18 characters, Message Body: 35-50 characters3
  • Average – Subject: 20-30 characters, Message Body: 40-60 characters
  • The digital marketing landscape is forever changing—no doubt you've heard about the Internet of Things. And as the market becomes more defined, it's important to exploit the benefits and capabilities that are unique to smart watches and leverage them.

    "If smart phones changed the rules for email, then smart watches will change the game entirely. Watch this space." – Darren Thackeray, Digital Marketing Copywriter, Yell4

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