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Lead Gen Trends for 2018
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Post by Jess Kuykendall, Copywriter

As we dive into the new year and start planning new lead generation efforts, let's take a look at some of the predicted 2018 trends you should incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Utilize Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is a growth strategy that focuses on best-fit prospects and customers. This B2B marketing approach generates leads by communicating with individual customers, rather than marketing to a wide-spread audience.1

Push Engagement and Lead Nurturing

Engaging leads means connecting with them in an impactful, meaningful way during their buying journey. Start by offering customers something they value - educational or decision-support content, for example - and avoid giving them a "sales pitch."2

Audit Your Own Website

Nothing deters a potential buyer more than webpages that are slow, have broken links or aren't user-friendly. Take the time to thoroughly test your site and identify flaws, as well as make updates and improvements. Check for missing pages, broken links, content and image issues, page speed and make sure it's secure, easy to read and organized.3

Connect With Influencers

Brand influencers play a big role in communicating messages with their communities. Buyers and potential buyers look to brand influencers to identify quality products and services. This trend isn't going to stop any time soon. Find influencers with follower bases similar to your desired target audience. Reach out to them to discuss your brand and offerings, as well as partnering/promotion opportunities.4

These are some of the most trending lead generation tactics for 2018. And while you should consider incorporating them into your own lead generation strategy, be sure to keep an eye out for new, exciting and trending tactics as they happen throughout the year. One place you can find these strategies is here on the Reseller Connect blog.

For additional guidance on diving into 2018's lead generation trends, contact Reseller Connect's team of marketing experts Send us a message or call us at 800-500-3501.

Stay tuned for next month's post for more exciting and effective ways to generate leads.


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